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Project planning as easy as playing with Lego

Until now you have only been able to avoid bottlenecks and meet deadlines through lengthy and complicated work steps. You had to use different programs to manage the capacities of your employees’ time allocation.

A project usually does not stick to the beautiful plan that was drawn up in advance. Excellent process plans, GANT diagrams, … are no longer of much value once preparatory work in other units has been delayed.

Above all, however, classic project plans only moderately reflect planned capacities and sometimes even fail to show allocated resources.

The practical solution is levatis KAPA planning.

You can manage large projects and your capacities in three simple steps:

Estimate and plan your effort

First, estimate personnel effort for the project over a specific period. Select an area just like in Excel and generate a planned action. Optionally, you can subdivide your project into individual phases and thus separate your expenses.

These planned expenses are immediately transferred to your company’s comprehensive overview and are compared with the personnel resources, vacations, training courses, … in your company.

Efficiently assign employees to the planned activities

In a simple way you can assign specific employees to the planned phases for a period of a few weeks to many months.

We support you by groupings e.g., according to qualification or group membership, and using an intelligent search to rank employees who are readily available in that period.

Any double postings or other conflicts with additional projects immediately light up in red.

For evaluations and all overviews, a distinction is made between fixed projects and those still pending.

Our aim is to offer you a reliable statement about capacities and shortages in both individual departments and the entire company at any time.

Detailed planning and monitoring

Our goal is to provide the employee on site with the best possible information on the respective activity, to make time recording as easy as possible and to getdocumentation back into the project plan in real-time.

All of this happens with the levatis MobileClient. Through this application, your employees receive all details about the project on their mobile phones or tablets. Among other things, they can record time as a team or individually and generate images and reports on the project.

Additionally, levatis creates a detailed overview and illustrates all capacities in the company.

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