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Keep an overview of your employees

You lack an overview of your employees, and creating a detailed statement at the end of the month is a challenge?

Levatis offers extensive job and personnel time recording, both mobile and in the office.

Time recording on the go and on the construction site

The levatis app informs your employees in real-time about their appointments and tasks. In addition to the technical documentation – e.g., through photos, maintenance logs, … – they can also record their working time.

Workloads, breaks, and unproductive times, … employees record all of this conveniently on their mobile phone or tablet. Information relevant to the invoice is immediately prepared so that customers can also countersign these times. Levatis saves all bookings on your employee’s device and – as soon as an internet connection is available – transfers them to the HR managers. The data is available live in the office/overdraft facility.

Levatis automatically recognizes teams through the disposition data so that employees can also record their colleagues’ work.

Time recording in the office

Alternatively, and as a supplement to the app, your employees can also record time on their computers. Employees can enter levatis through the web browser and can enter their working hours and breaks online. Additionally, times can also be booked directly to orders from the levatis order batch.

A combination is also possible: you start the day on the computer and book the start of your day in the office. Later, you get into the car and seamlessly record the drive to the customer and the time on the site using the mobile app.

Of course, levatis can also be used in the office by employees who have nothing to do with the application and have no access to the rest of the system.

Control and corrections

Time recording is linked to a large amount of data. Employees are legally obliged to record working hours, breaks, … daily. Even the best employees make mistakes,

but the levatis check matrix enables them to recognize rule violations at first glance, even for large groups of employees/departments and entire months.

If something was forgotten or posted incorrectly, employees can change the recording quickly and clearly. Of course, the original bookings remain documented in the background in order to meet the legal requirements for recording working hours (legally required within the EU).

Preparation for payroll accounting and controlling

Time recording provides the collected data for cost and wage accounting and prepares the necessary information.

Levatis calculates overtime and considers various allowances (assembly allowance, distance allowance, …). You can implement a flexible set of rules and adapt them based on your template (following the collective agreement).

Would you like to automate your company’s time recording? Make an appointment for a free online consultation.