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Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please contact support@levatis.com or call +43 5 700 900


Levatis workforce planning is right for you if the following applies to your company:

You have more than 8 field workers

Appointments are agreed with customers or take place as part of planned projects (arrangements change daily/weekly)


Levatis can offer even more advantageous if one of the following criteria applies to your needs:

You want to record working, driving, and standing times of employees mobile and in the office and want time data automatically processed for payroll accounting (including diets, allowances, overtime determination, ...)


You would like to conveniently store images and documents (and easily find them in the future); and/or you want to be able to work through protocols or questionnaires on site


You run projects with > 1o,ooo working hours and want a practical solution for capacity planning, employee disposition, and time management

Customer service, assembly teams, ... companies that implement individual tasks and projects (on-site) can benefit from our services. The entire field service sector can profit from levatis.

Yes. You will receive an introduction (approx. 30-minutes) in the form of a video conference, and afterward you get access to your levatis demo account. You can use your demo account without functional restrictions, including the support hotline.

Yes. You can schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

Yes! With the help of our web service interface that allows continuous access to all objects. Moreover, you can import data from Excel files.

Levatis is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, so you don't have to provide a server or install software on the computer.

Requirements in the office: a current browser with internet access

Requirements on the go / mobile: Android phone / tablet (Android version 7 or above)

Levatis offers a SOAP web service interface (ISO standard). A large number of merchandise management systems are already linked to levatis. Therefore, we can automatically transfer this data to our service. Subsequent time bookings for these orders are sent back to the merchandise management system in form of wage and invoice postings.

Time bookings and work documentation can also be carried out offline on the construction site with the levatis app.

Disposition in the office, payroll, ... require internet access in the office.

Yes! Even if we have shown for more than 10 years that your data is in good hands with us, we understand your needs.

Every Friday evening you will automatically receive the content of all important tables (planning, orders, technical systems, ...) compressed and encrypted to your office. This is our carefree subscription.

We also offer a tool that is installed as a Windows or UNIX service and copies images, documents and work slips to your office every five minutes. You can define exactly into which folder the files should be sorted.

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