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Variable and digital resource planning for construction and craft

levatis is software for project and personnel deployment planning paired with time management. The software is so flexible that you can decide which features you want to incorporate into your processes.

Personnel planning & disposition

Personnel planning & disposition

Optimization through efficient workforce planning

Time recording & payroll processing

Time recording & payroll processing

Employees and payroll are visible at a glance

Capacity planning for large projects

Capacity planning for large projects

Capacity planning as easy as playing with Lego

The app for the worker on site

The app for the worker on site

Seamless transfer of the plan to the construction site

Use our additional advantages

In addition to our main functions, we offer other features to make your planning even more optimal.

Reporting & controlling

Reporting & controlling

More than 100 predefined reports and evaluations

Different industries

Different industries

The right functions and settings for each industry

Integration into the inventory management

Inventory management

Data transfer between levatis and your IMS

Documentation of the construction progress

Progress documentation

Documentation on the construction site for better traceability

Personnel planning & disposition

Personnel planning & disposition

Timely response to bottlenecks and spontaneous changes

Personnel planning & disposition

Tasks can be created directly or automatically transferred from your inventory system


In the intelligent calendar, you can plan employees and see your workload at a glance

Mobile app

The assigned employees are up to date with the app on site and receive notifications.


Comprehensive monitoring of orders (clear reports, various documentations)

Synchronization of the job

Create tasks directly in levatis or, ideally, have your orders automatically transferred to us from your inventory management. As soon as you create a new order in your ERP system, it is immediately transferred to levatis, and you can seamlessly begin to assign your employees.

Schedule your employees

The weekly calendar is the heart of levatis and shows your employees’ workload at a glance. Thanks to the levatis color coding, you can clearly see the available capacity of your employees.

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Intuitive layout

The operation of the weekly calendar is intuitive. Fixed times can but do not have to be recorded. You decide how much information you want to enter. In this way, levatis helps you to identify and avoid future shortages.The most important tasks are always prioritized so that they cannot be forgotten. Future bottlenecks can thus be identified and avoided.

Monitoring of orders

Clear reports can be called up, such as the employees’ weekly schedule or various evaluations (filtered by weeks, months, years, employees, employee groups).

Time recording & payroll processing

Time recording & payroll processing

With levatis you can record more than just the working hours of your employees

Time recording & payroll processing
App solution

With levatis, time recording is possible both on the go and on the construction site.

Desktop solution

You can also conveniently record your times in the office with the levatis desktop client

Control function

Control function with the levatis check matrix (rule violations get recognized)

Payroll accounting

levatis calculates overtime, allowances and provides collected data

Time recording on the go and on the construction site

The levatis app informs your employees in real-time about their appointments and tasks. In addition to the technical documentation – e.g. through pictures, maintenance books, … – their times can be recorded. Workloads, breaks, directing and unproductive times, … the employee records all of this conveniently on a mobile phone or tablet.

Time management in the office

Alternatively, it can also be recorded on the computer. The employee can record come and go times and breaks in the levatis web browser. A combination is possible as well: start your day on your computer, then get into the car and record the time on the construction site using the mobile app. Seamless.


Time recording is linked to a large amount of data. Employees are legally obliged to record working hours, breaks, … daily. Even the best employees make mistakes or sometimes forget to synch. but the levatis check matrix enables them to recognize rule violations at first glance, even for large groups of employees/departments and entire months.


If something was forgotten or entered incorrectly, the time recording can be changed easily. Of course, the original bookings remain documented in the background in order to meet the legal requirements for recording working hours within the EU.

Preparation for payroll accounting and controlling

Time recording provides the collected data for cost and wage accounting and prepares the necessary information. Levatis calculates overtime and considers various allowances (assembly allowance, distance allowance, …). You can implement a flexible set of rules and adapt them based on your template (following the collective agreement). (following the collective agreement).

Capacity planning for large projects

Capacity planning for large projects

Large projects can also be managed with levatis

Capacity planning for large projects
expense planning

Support in the planning of personnel expenses through integrated search options

Conflict detection

Any double postings or other conflicts are immediately recognized by levatis


Keep your overview: levatis makes reliable statements about capacities


The construction site documentation takes place in real time with the levatis App

Estimate and plan your effort

Estimate and plan effort First, estimate the personnel effort for the project over the required period. Then, mark an area as you would in Excel and generate the planned effort. Optionally, you can subdivide your project into individual phases and then separate the efforts. These planned expenses are immediately transferred to the overall overview for your company and are compared with the personnel resources, vacations, training courses, … in your company.

Efficiently assign employees to the planned activities

Assign the specific employees to the planned phases for a period from a few weeks to many months in a simple way. We support you by grouping, e.g. according to qualification or group membership, as well as using an intelligent search to rank the employees who are readily available in the respective period. Any double bookings or conflicts with other projects will immediately light up in red. Any double bookings or conflicts with other projects will immediately light up in red.

Control function

Any double bookings or conflicts with other projects will immediately light up in red. The goal is to be able to make reliable statements about capacities and bottlenecks in individual departments as well as the entire company at any time.

Detailed planning and monitoring

The actual execution is about providing the employee on site with the best possible information on the respective activity, making time recording for the project as easy as possible, and getting documentation back into project planning in real time. All of this happens with the levatis Mobile Client on site.

The construction site app for the technician

The app for the worker on site

Easy handling of levatis on the construction site


View the clear division in an uncomplicated manner

In real time

Changes are shown immediately and in real time


Easy documentation of the construction progress

Last-minute changes

A signal informs employees of any short-term changes to the division.

Documentation on the construction site

With the levatis Mobile Client, your employees can easily record the construction progress. The documentation is saved on levatis and can be retrieved at any time in the future.


The levatis app informs your employees in real-time about their appointments and tasks. With the app, the assigned employees have access to all order details and are always up to date with the latest plan.

Further features

levatis simplifies your processes through practical tools and settings

Reporting & controlling
Adjustable to different industries
Integration into the inventory system
Documentation of the tasks

Reporting & controlling

Levatis allows comprehensive evaluations and reports. There are over 100 standard reports to choose from. We are also happy to support you in the preparation of individual reports. Formats such as PDF, EXCEL, CSV are supported.

The reports can either be generated spontaneously with the click of a button or through subscription – you will automatically receive your reports daily / weekly / monthly in your e-mail inbox.

Different industries

Construction industry

Construction industry

Simple operation on the construction site.

The ability of the foreman to manage entire teams is essential for this industry.

In addition, levatis enables the overview and control of longer projects with a large number of hours.

Electrical installations, Energy

Electrical installations, Energy

Many different tasks – sometimes just a few minutes up to several days – have to be efficiently distributed among the employees.

At the customer’s site, employees can record times and material as well as create administration notes with the help of levatis.



Automatic creation of maintenance tasks: depending on defined maintenance books, protocols / tasks are created at different intervals.

The on-site technician can work through maintenance tasks in a structured manner alone or with colleagues and record time and material.



Ease of use, photo documentation (e.g. for insurance companies) with automatic distribution and archiving, as well as complex payroll accounting are essential reasons for using levatis.

Integration into the inventory management

levatis enables automatic and seamless data transfer to and from the following companies:

Documentation of the construction progress

Generation of comments and documents

With the levatis mobile app, employees can not only record their times, but also generate comments, images, and reports on the project.

Traceable history

Even years later, levatis shows your history and thus enables projects to be traced back. All documents are in the right place and can be accessed from anywhere.

Make a free online appointment and receive a personal introduction to levatis.

A levatis employee will guide you through the application.

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